What's inside each tab?

Discover website analytics enriched with on-chan data.

Let’s take a look at what insights you can find in each tab within the Website analytics tool.

General tabs


Discover the most important metrics from all the tabs combined - from favorite wallets to traffic sources and demographics.

Traffic details

In the Traffic details tab, you will find insights into traffic sources, average time spent on-site, sessions, and more.


In the Locations tab, the insights focus on the demographics. Select a country to view more detailed information about both off-chain and on-chain traffic.

Behavior tabs


See how specific traffic sources perform best. Add one or two dimensions, filters and timeline for specific user groups.

Pay additional attention to conversion goals and wallet connections.


Discover whether you meet your Conversion events over time. What's more, compare them by multiple metrics.

Website events

Track any event on your website, such as button clicks, form submissions, scrolls, video plays, etc. To get started, follow these instructions.


Measure how many users stay on the daily, weekly and monthly basis.

On-chain tabs


Find on-chain financial data like wallet balance or transaction count of the users coming to your website.


Find on-chain holdings (NFTs and tokens) of the users coming to your website.


See with which dApps users coming to your website like to interact.

Remember to use filters to analyze a more specific traffic group. This will make your analytics more focused and targeted.

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