Generate UTMs

Learn how and why you should create UTMs for each traffic source.

Creating a UTM for each traffic source will allow you to properly track its performance. Let's see how to do it in practice using the Campaigns tool.

Please note that Cookie3 provides tracking attribution and UTMs for all channels and it is not mandatory to create all the links within the platform. Advanced marketers are encouraged to integrate Cookie3 as an additional component for tracking on-chain conversions within their existing marketing stack.

To create Campaigns, you first need to connect your website.

Step 1: Choose the traffic source

You probably use more than one traffic source in your Web3 marketing stack. That's why you should create URLs for each to track their individual performance.

Choose one of the providers from the Campaigns list. If you don't see the tool you're using, simply choose "Custom".

Then, click the "Create new campaign" button.

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Step 2: Choose a relevant website

The next step is to choose the website you'll generate the traffic to.

Step 3: Provide campaign name

Remember to be consistent with the naming convention. It'll be much easier later on to identify campaigns, especially if you create loads of them.

Step 4 (optional): Set up advanced settings

Advanced settings are strongly recommended for those to see more information also in Website analytics, as they consist of UTM tags.

Step 5 (optional): Set up a budget

Last step is setting up a budget. If you have on-chain Conversion events already set up, it will allow you to assess ROI automatically.

Remember, you always can use external UTM tags

For the more proficient Web3 marketers in performance analytics, we strongly encourage to use external UTM Link Builder. You'll see more detailed data in the Website analytics!

Watch the YouTube guide where Antoni, Cookie3 Marketing Manager, explains what are UTMs tags and how to create them both externally and in Cookie3:

To create Campaigns, you first need to connect your website.

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