How to properly set up Campaigns?

Discover how to initiate a marketing campaign using Cookie3 or leverage your own UTM stack effectively.

Step 1: Integrate your website

Integrating the website with Cookie3 is necessary to see it on the creator list. It won't take more than 5 mins. You just generate the code snippet, put it into the HTML head and that's it! Find all the technical, legal, and data security details here.

Step 2 (optional): Set up Conversion events

Conversion events allow you to measure website traffic against important off-chain and on-chain user interactions.

See more details here.

Step 3: Create UTMs

You most probably deal with more than one traffic source. That's why it's important to recognize the ones that perform best. See the list of our partners and proceed with UTM link creation for each.

Learn how to create Campaigns step by step here.

Step 4: Analyze performance

When you have your UTMs ready from Campaigns, proceed to the Performance tab. You'll see which Campaigns bring not only the most users or wallets but also generate Conversion events you set up before.

To create Campaigns, you first need to connect your website.

If you have already established a UTM system, it's more efficient to assess your marketing campaigns in Website analytics. You can effortlessly utilize the existing UTM parameters like medium or source, as Cookie3 is inherently integrated with your Google Analytics.

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