Save audiences

Learn what are and how to access Audiences.

Audiences are groups of users set-up with on- and off-chain filters.

Think of Audiences like different neighborhoods in a city. You can focus on Manhattan with users who have high buying power and specific product preferences, or you can check out the NYC suburbs, which are less crowded, might have lower buying power, but are easier to target and satisfy.

Get to choose which group of users fits your current marketing goals

  • Maybe you want to see the user base from certain marketing campaigns to check their average portfolio balance, activity, and experience?

  • Or you're curious about who owns a particular NFT because you're announcing a partnership with that collection?

  • How about finding wallet addresses with at least $1,000 value that are active in specific countries?

Audiences can be created both from on- and off-chain. Remember to integrate your website first before using off-chain filters.

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