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Learn why and how to integrate your website.

You can think of Cookie3 as a Google Analytics tool but for Web3 projects. Therefore, to truly get the value out of Cookie3, you need to integrate your website.

But don’t worry, the integration process takes no more than 5 minutes.

How to integrate a website with Cookie3?

Just follow the instructions linked here.

Is the Cookie3 Website Analytics safe?

Cookie3 uses data just for reporting and analytics - it’s not shared anywhere, and only you as a user will have access to it in the Cookie3 app.

Compared to Google Analytics, Cookie3 prioritizes privacy. The script can be set up to be cookieless, meaning it collects less user information than traditional website analytics tools.

By creating an account on the Platform, you have accepted Cookie3 Terms of Services and concluded Data Processing Agreement (DPA). When it comes to GDPR governance the relationship between User and Cookie3 is: Personal Data Controller - Personal Data Processor, and User is therefore responsible for:

1. informing users about the analytical tools used (including the Cookie3 plug-in)

2. collecting users’ consents for tracking

Re: 1 - we suggest including this information in your Privacy Policy:

Privacy Policy


We may use third-party analytics services to collect, monitor, and analyze information regarding user interactions with our website, application, or services. These analytics tools may employ cookies or other tracking technologies to gather data such as IP addresses, device information, and usage patterns. The information generated by these tools is used to improve the functionality, performance, and user experience of our website. Below you may find the list of analytical tools that we use:

1. Cookie3 Analytics – which collects and analyzes data about users’: crypto wallet address (if the user plugged it in), title of the page viewed, URL of the page viewed, URL of the page which was viewed before the current page, bounce rate, session record, time spent on the site and on sub-pages, site search, mouse events (movements, content forms and clicks), device or software characteristics, e.g. screen resolution device type (unique device identifiers), browser information (main language, browser user agent, type of browser extension), cookie identifiers, IP address (anonymized), time in local time zone, geographical location (country, region and city), if you wish to know more about Cookie3 privacy policies, you may find it here:

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