How to leverage website analytics?

Follow this step-by-step guide to make the most of Cookie3 Website Analytics.

Step 1: Integrate your website

Integrating the website with Cookie3 won't take more than 5 mins. You just generate the code snippet, put it into the HTML head and that's it! Find all the technical, legal, and data security details here.

Step 2: Set up UTM tags

UTM tags allow you to see where traffic is coming from and how it performs.

Watch the YouTube guide where Antoni, Cookie3 Marketing Manager, explains how to create them and how to analyze them in Cookie3:

❗️Important links:

Step 3: Filter website traffic

The next step is to filter your website traffic to relevant user groups. This way, you can narrow down the whole website traffic to your desired group and see how they behave, as well as assess the group traffic quality.

Find the tutorial on website filters here.

Step 4: Analyze data in relevant tabs

The last step is to analyze your data in one of many Cookie3 reports.

You can find the summary of what's inside each tab here.

The full guide on Web3 marketing perfromance analytics can be found here.

Once again, remember to integrate Cookie3 with your website. Otherwise, no data will be visible.

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