Airdrop Shield

Airdrops is a popular tool among Web3 projects to reward existing community members and attract new users. However, our research showed that 70% of eligible wallets are controlled by bots.

What's Airdrop Shield?

It allows you to exclude bots, airdrop hunters, multiplied accounts, and other malicious wallets from your airdrop campaign. With 15 on- and off-chain attributes, it utilized AI models to detect the bots and then score the remaining, genuine users to award those who truly deserve your tokens.

How does it work?

Step 1: Eligibility set-up

We sit down with your team and discuss whatโ€™s your target persona and determining basic conditions required to be eligible for airdrop to reward the activity that brings the most value for the ecosystem.

Step 2: Bot exclusion

Then, you exclude wallets that exhibit bot behavior. You may be very strict and exclude every airdrop hunter or be more lenient. Maybe two wallets per user isn't that bad?

Step 3: Scoring and distribution

Lastly, you establish what kind of user and activity (net worth, NFT holdings, wallet age, activity etc.) should be rewarded. We then provide you with a spreadsheet with participating wallets scored accordingly, and you decide who deserves the airdrop.

How to start?

Fill out the form or contact Cookie3 Account Manager directly.

Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Ronin, Fantom, Arbitrum, Base, Mantle, Goerli, Mantle Testnet, Optimism, Linea, Chiliz, Manta, and Blast Testnet blockchains are available in the Cookie3 Airdrop Shield.

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