Wallet list (CSV file)

You may have wallet data from past airdrops or giveaways you wish to analyze within Cookie3. Now, you can add them into Cookie3 seamlessly using CSV files. You can also enrich it with:

  • E-mail address

  • Twitter handle

  • Discord handle

  • Telegram handle


  1. Click the Import your users button on the left-hand side nav bar.

  2. Click the Upload Files button.

  3. Download a CSV sample to make sure that the data is in the correct format and order. If you don't have particular data e.g. Twitter handle, then leave the property blank.

  4. Then, click the Choose files and pick the CSV file you prepared.

  5. Name your file.

  6. Click the Upload button.

  7. If your CSV file is enriched with new data in the future, just upload it the same way as the first time. The list will be updated accordingly.

Keep in mind the file limit of 75 MB. What's more, there is a limit of 50,000 wallets. If you wish to extend the limit, contact your Key Account Manager.

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