Data sources

Cookie3 offers a variety of data sources to provide you with the most complete user analytics.

We can divide the data sources into 3 categories:

1. On-chain data sources

Cookie3 collects data from multiple EVM blockchains such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Ronin, Fantom, Arbitrum, Base, Mantle, Goerli, Mantle Testnet, Optimism, Linea, Chiliz, Manta, and Blast Testnet.

Please bear in mind that all of the above are available in Campaigns tool. On-chain explorer contains of Ethereum and Polygon blockchains data with more coming soon.

2. Website traffic

By integrating Cookie3 with your website, you can seamlessly connect the off-chain and on-chain worlds, creating a comprehensive overview of user journey. This includes activities across your website, social media, blog posts, as well as on-chain interactions like NFT minting, token sales, and dApp engagement.

Follow the instructions on how to integrate your website with Cookie3.

3. CSV file with wallet addresses

You may have wallet data from past airdrops or giveaways you wish to analyze within Cookie3. Now, you can add them into Cookie3 seamlessly using CSV files. You can also enrich it with multiple custom data columns like:

  • E-mail address

  • Twitter handle

  • Discord handle

  • Telegram handle

Follow the instructions on how to integrate your CSV with Cookie3.

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